Cory's Karate
Cory's Karate is a school where we teach the style of Tan Ren Do Karate. Classes are held in Springville, Utah on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Please email Cory Fisher at with any specific questions and to check on class availability.

Classes are based upon both the age and rank of the students. We have classes appropriate for students age 5 through adult. We have classes for all belt ranks and encourage students to continue to train with us through advanced black belt degrees.

Beginning students 7 years old and younger attend a Junior Dragons class. Due to the young age of the students they follow a modified belt rank system.

Beginning and intermediate students 8 years old and above attend classes twice weekly. These students follow the traditional Tan Ren Do Karate belt rank system.

In addition, motivated intermediate and advanced students are encouraged to join the Black Belt Club. This entitles them to additional classes and teaching opportunities.

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Tan Ren Do Karate
At Cory's Karate we teach the Tan Ren Do Karate style. Tan Ren Do Karate incorporates practical elements from several sources. Techniques include the strong kicks of Korea, the rapid and exacting movements of Japan, and the fluidity of Chinese styles. Learn more here.

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